Pittsburgh, PA

"I was always the skinny small framed kid growing up. All my friends were bigger, taller, and had more muscle mass than I did. I played a lot of sports while growing up and was always at a disadvantage because of my size. When I graduated high school I went into the United States Army. The military will reach you things about yourself that you couldn’t even imagine were possible. I started to feel good about my self and my physical appearance from working out in the military. I shortly lost interest in that after the military because I could not keep myself motivated. When I decided to chose becoming a police officer as my career I realized I needed to make some serious adjustments in my every day lifestyle including my physical fitness and eating habits. I never took nutrition serious or found the time to figure out what eating habits would benefit me the most. I have been working out consistently for over five years now. When I started my police career path I was 145 pounds soaking wet. I am now currently 175 pounds and feel the strongest I have ever felt. With the career path I chose I realized my life could depend on my physical performance. I am in the best shape I have ever been because of my consistent workout regiment and diet with confidence I have never had before. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and stay committed and dedicated."