Cambridge City,IN

"“Success begins when you leave your comfort zone”..this has been a huge motivator for me. I began taking my fitness journey serious in 2016. I was in an unhappy marriage, had a daughter who was an addict, and needed a “release”. I started working out/lifting with my purpose being to stay busy, and unfortunately, stay out of the house. I was able to focus on my mental and physical health, along with accomplishing my goal of stepping on stage to compete as a bodybuilder. There were times I would run for miles while crying, and I would exceed my max reps with those dumbbells. You could definitely tell what kind of day I was having by how hard I pushed myself at the gym😉 I also started competing in Obstacle Course Racing, which was very challenging, but I loved every minute of every race!! At 47, I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I look forward to my “gym time”!! Once I started seeing progress/positive changes with my body and mind, working out became a habit for me. I’ve competed in 3 bodybuilding competitions since 2018 and hope to enter more. I love running in local races too. I hope I have been a positive influence/inspiration to many around me. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how far you think you are from your goals….just get started and be CONSISTENT and you will eventually see changes. It’s a combo of being CONSISTENT with working out AND a good diet. It does take time, but it’s definitely worth it."