Providence, RI

"My fitness journey started when I was just a kid. I use to see my father working out when I was very young. This influenced me to do the same. I started working out at home when I was 11 years old and joined my first gym when I was 15. Since then fitness has been the most important part of my life. Including as a tool for a therapeutic outlet.

I began competing in fitness/bodybuilding competitions when I was 24. I am 35 now. I have not been able to compete in past couple years due to the pandemic. However I will be stepping on stage this June of 2021. 

After that on plan on learning a new avenue of fitness and am going to start strong man training. I will not be competing in this. But enjoy different routes of fitness. Such as boxing and wrestling which I have also done in the past. Each has taught me a different discipline that has been helpful in everyday life. I have also made fitness my profession, as I own a personal trading/nutrition facility in Rhode Island. This is fulfilling to me because I get to share my knowledge with others and show them how importance health and wellness is. I get to change their lives for the better, just like fitness has done for me. Show them what it means to live the lifestyle.

I will continue my journey as long as I can. I cannot picture my life without this being my main factor."