Tolleson, AZ

"After going to the doctor and getting my A1c results, (with my weight being 179, 5'6) I had no choice but to loss the weight or put my life at risk. I started in March 2020 with my weight loss program and exercise workout. Believe me it was not easy! Today I weight 133 lbs., down two dress sizes. Exercise now is a part of my everyday routine. My Diabetes numbers are great. Also my husband is loving the new look. Friends and Family are seeing the change, and they are asking how did I lose my weight, what did I do?. People don't realize after losing the weight you have to get rid of that hanging fat! That is and still is the hardest thing for me. You MUST exercise it off!! Being fit is not a choice, but it's a Lifestyle! I've had so many friends die early due to diabetes and other illnesses due to obesity.

My daughter had a stroke at age 48 this year, due to being over weight and high cholesterol. So it is very, very important for me, and to let others know that they can lose weight too. I have influenced some of my family and friends to join with me at losing their weight. I want to be an example to others. I'm enjoying my new look and I should say that the journey was worth it! Hopefully, people will take obesity serious and start doing something about it. So, Enjoy Life, Enjoy living!"