Austin, TX

"As a kid, I loved Bodybuilding. I worked out with backyard weights until I was old enough to go to the local gym. I read “Flex” magazine and idolized Arnold movies (even the bad ones!). I learned to do the hard work in the gym but never had the discipline to figure out the nutrition component to be big and super lean. I got strong but stayed soft.

Fast forward to Summer of 2019. I’m 44 years old and 40 lbs overweight. I was 6’4”, 245 lbs, and 26% body fat. I had fallen into lazy, comfort habits and had no true discipline to be fit...and I am a personal trainer!! Yikes!
I was the trainer who needed to hire a trainer.

Well, I’d had enough. I set out to lose the weight and get back to doing the thing I loved most: Bodybuilding!
I invested In myself. Made a rule to hit the gym every day, before 8 am. This time was to be the last time I let myself go!

So I worked hard. I also knew it was so much about recovery and eating right. Slowly but surely I dropped 40 lbs of body fat and started putting on muscle.

I fell in love with LEG DAY! Obsessed about squats, deadlifts, rows, and pull-overs.

Push day, Pull day, Leg day...2x a week. Now, I’m 10% body fat and stronger than I’ve ever been. After almost 2 years of hard work, I’m blessed to be my healthiest self!"