Beny Hadid 

Mexico City, Mexico

"3 years ago I was overweight, I had been eating a lot since my husband passed away 10 years ago, it was for me the only way to deal with depression. I had 2 young sons of 11 and 6 years old at that time ,to take care of.My weight 97 kg for a 1.68 m height ! And of course at some point I began having high blood pressure problems and was tired all the time. One day I felt I couldn’t breathe , it was like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. I went to a cardiologist and he told me I’d have to take blood pressure medication for the rest of my life... I was so scared and disappointed with myself , that night I decided to turn my life around ,next morning I completely changed my habits and started working out. I was then 48 years old I decided I would study nutrition adapted to sports to know how to change my body in a healthy way. Now my weight is 62.6 kg , I have a fat percentage of 18% (It was 42.6 three years ago! ) and at 50 (almost 51) years old I feel better than ever !! I lift weights and practice boxing 6 days a week , 2 hours daily! I’m in love with my new life!

I am now a certified Health Coach, I help others attain their goals and feel blessed to be able to do it ! I believe that high blood pressure episode was my call to action!"