Brentford, UK

I was 17 when I first walked into a gym. Tall, skinny and having seen him in a Guinness Book of Records, was determined to build a body like Arnies.... I was laughed out of the gym....

Over the follow 2-3 decades I was in and out of gyms, competed in triathlons, played rugby, snow skied and tried to live a 'healthy' life - that image of Arnie was never far from mind. But, try as I could, I simply never saw the results... Struggled to gain wait in my 20s and 30's and just felt that it was never meant to be.

Cut to my 40's and a busy mess of corporate management, travel, moving countries several times, boozing, conferences, client meetings, social events and my fitness dreams were eclipsed by 'life' and all that it entailed.

In amongst the chaos of life, I somehow hit 120kg!! It kinda snuck up on me over 10 years or so... It wasn't until I saw a photo of myself on a summer holiday when I realise just how out of shape I had become - that image of Arnie in the back of my mind, mocking me....

So from my mid-forties, I thought "enough is enough" and got to work on at least getting my fitness levels back and dropping some of the beer laden excess I had built...

At the age of 49, I hit a cross road - career was ramping up and the fitness was suffering again... I went all in.

Found an online coach, and booked a fitness photo shoot to coincide with my 50th birthday... 16 weeks away... I gave it 100%, completely rearranged my schedule to ensure I wouldn't miss a workout regardless of travel or work commitments. I learnt to prepare meals, avoid booze, make wiser meal choices and still manage a social life and work existence.

On the day of my 50th, I stood in the middle of a gym full of bodybuilders, with my top off, six pack out having my photos taken... it was surreal, but I'd made it!!

From that point onwards, I have thrown everything into fitness. Gave up the corporate life to set up my own Online Fitness Coaching business and set about helping other guys like me to realise that it's never to late to get into the shape of your life or to chase your dreams...

At 52 I stepped on stage for my first Men's Physique competition, took 2nd place and a Pro card... I was hooked.

No, I look nothing like Arnie...but I am still chasing the dream to not only get as close as I can before I hit 60, but to help as many other guys as I can to unlock their potential and live happier, healthier, fitter and stronger lives.