"Growing up I was an athlete and played numerous sports growing up. As I entered adulthood I started dealing with severe hormonal and autoimmune issues. I had my son in 2014 and could not lose the weight I gained no matter how hard I trained or how clean I ate. Over the last few years I've put a lot of work into learning how to love myself truly and love my body, as is -- aches, pains, all the soft curves and all.

In 2020 I finally decided that I was ready for the next step and started prepping for RNY surgery in 2021. In January of 2021 I ended up needing a partial hysterectomy which pushed back the RNY, but I maintained the clean eating habits I had developed and waited until my body was ready. At the end of May of 2021 I had the surgery and by the end of July was cleared for full workouts with no weight restrictions. The same day of my 2 month post op I joined the local and closest gym and signed up for a year of personal training. I hit my 5 month post op on the 21 of October and in that time have lost over 70 pounds.

I train hard at the gym 5 days a week and my training plans change at least once a month. One of my proudest and recent accomplishments was completing a triathlon and winning first place in my division! This has always been a bucket list item and I can now cross it off my list. I've also taken up Taekwondo with my son and we're both working together to earn our black belts.

I spent all of my 20's hating my body and wanting to be this active and healthier version of myself and since turning 30 this year, those dreams are now my reality. I now can't imagine a day where I don't go to the gym or do some physical activity where before it was rare I'd consistently make it into the gym.

Since completing my first triathlon, my next goal is to complete a tough mudder. I definitely intend on doing the triathlon next year to beat my times and just continue on."