Melbourne, Australia

Back when I was 14 all the way up until 19-20, I enjoyed watching sport, but was fat, unfit and unmotivated.

Not many liked me because I was controversial and my attitude towards life and people was absolute garbage.

I had no direction and certainly had no interest in playing sport or getting involved in fitness.

Then, once I hit 20, I began watching Novak Djokovic (controversial, I know).


Because I could see he was somewhat similar to me, in the fact that not many liked him because they found him controversial, although his attitude towards life was 100% better than mine.

Therefore, I decided to watch him more closely and study how he goes about life, training and his profession.

I loved and still love his determination, arrogance, never say die attitude, and the level of respect he has for so many people, and this is someone I wanted to be like.

After watching Novak for some time, I began doing a little weight and bodyweight training, not with much routine or rhythm at that time though.

But the more research I did, the more I found how hard not only Novak has to work to sustain greatness, but how hard every athlete must work.

My diet was poor at 20 and prior, I was eating a lot of processed foods, bread, carbonated drinks, the list goes on and on.

This ultimately affected my performance and attitude towards training or doing anything.

Once I discovered the diet Novak was on, I began following a similar trend and this has worked ever since.

I cut bread, carbonated drinks and processed foods from my diet, and began consuming healthier options, such as gluten free foods, fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks such as tea and water, which is what I drink and eat today.

When I hit 23, I really began taking fitness more seriously, and therefore wanted to prove others who said I wouldn’t amount to anything, ‘wrong’.

While regularly watching athletes, I’ve learnt all about discipline, consistency and what it takes to become successful and great, which I’m still aiming to be.

I hope my story helps others who are unmotivated, to find an athlete to look up to and follow their examples.