Fort Worth, TX

"My father Jason is my inspiration for why I am the way I am and why I do the things I do. I've learned from his mistakes and he still guides me today even though he has moved on from here. My dad was always in the gym everyday lifting heavy weights. Teaching anyone that asked for his help. He passed away surprisingly at 52 years old an 256lbs. Quite a solid dude especially for 52. I was already not doing well when he passed but his death took me down further then I've ever been in life. I went though my greiving period and left a huge mess that seemed impossible to clean.

Once I finally started making head way I realized I could get it together. I was left with a sense that I never did anything to make him proud or wow him and that still sits with me today. So I got my kids and home in order and started knocking over walls to get to where I felt successful, but no matter what I still felt like a failure at the end of the day no matter what I was doing I wasn't right still. I wished I could ask him "whats next?" he always had a response weather it was sarcastic or a step on the ladder.

One day I was driving to Lowe's to fix an issue that came up at home when I drove by the gym he practically lived at and it was like a smack in my face. That was where I needed to go. So I did get all of my fees and papers in order and I began to go every day at 5 am. It was infuriating at first, I couldnt move the weights I could move before. I felt defeat once again but I kept going every day I put the time and work in.

One day I was trying to to move what I considered heavy weights and I locked up ... all I could hear was him saying you can move it its just your mind telling you that you can't, so I pushed it. I got a sense of power that day, and I understood why he was there everyday
It was to fight his own mind the same reason I go ever day. Now I'm working toward my training certificate so I can help others find this power of mind as well!"