League City, TX

"I grew up active in a variety of sports and clubs. As I grew older, competitive cheerleading became a significant part of my life. Things were different in the cheer industry back then, and the sport really fostered my love for friendly rivalry and high achievement. I relished serving as the leader of my squad; my competitive spirit and quest for perfection helped me to positively thrive on competition day!
I am a Personal Trainer and Online Coach. I suffered those days when my kids were little/minis, and I didn’t know what to do, when to eat, and how to make it all happen on schedule. I was, of course, too many months out from giving birth to blame my “fatty puffness” to leftover pregnancy weight gain. I was truly overweight, and confidence in my appearance had long flown out the window/been long gone. At that point, I was frustrated, but determined to research the best methods to regain my healthy and strong body. Through a bit of trial and error, I developed a plan that was doable (for both my family and me), and proved most fortuitous. It was a proud moment when I started seeing results, and realized that my mission was a success. Learning how to carry out a nutrition and exercise plan that is sustainable, effective, and easy-peasy become second nature. I wish for you to incorporate my plan, so that you too will enjoy the freedom to look at all parts of your body, directly in the mirror, and feel pride. I have compiled effective workouts, the best habits, and the proper mindset for people like you and me."