Savage, MN

I’ve always been into sports and so growing up working out was just part of my activity.

When I went to college, working out wasn’t mandatory which led to being a couch potato, eating not the greatest food, and not working out. I truly felt lazy.

I think it can be so easy to make excuses like “oh I already screwed up this week” “it’s too cold outside to go for a walk” “I feel tired”
When we continuously say those things, change will never happen.
We are our biggest defeat or our biggest victory. We are the only ones who can decide our next steps.

I decided I didn’t want to continue feel icky so I decided to make a change and wanting to better my health and mind.
I stuck to a plan of working out and fueling my body with good foods! I started to notice a change in my body and mind! I was more excited to go out and about. I wasn’t afraid of food. I felt amazing! Becoming healthy is the best decision I could have ever made!

I don’t think there is any secret to staying motivated but to set a standard the way you want to live and live out for others to be inspired and stick to it! Inconsistency is what breaks people. You won’t see results if you do two days good, three days bad etc.. you must be consistent to see results. I’m continuously trying to better myself and encourage and push people to do the same. I love fitness and nutrition!"