Reno, NV

Hey, I'm Chris. If you have ever wondered why I do what I do...I was wounded while serving in the U.S. Armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, my road to full rehabilitation was long. I was inspired to become to pursue my current career in personal training and get my B.S. in exercise science and sports nutrition because of the strength and conditioning coach that helped me. Even though I was injured he taught me that I could still do everything I wanted to, and that I could continue to lift weights, it was just that my body moved differently now. He helped me curate and design the workouts best suited for how my body had adapted. The human mind and body are incredible machines. My mission is to work with veterans and law enforcement and show them that hard work and determination will provide the active and healthy lifestyle they want to live. It’s exciting when you win, it’s exciting when you lose, because the process should be the very same... what can you control? You have to face both your successes and your failures and look them in the eye dead-on so you can use them both in the same way: to grow, to be better, to do better. Every experience, good or bad, can be tidied up and placed in your shirt pocket so you can pull one out, show someone else, and say, “See? I’ve walked this walk, too, and I can help you.” I’ve learned that each and every step I take in life has one purpose: to fashion me, slowly, into the perfect design that I’ve been given. Do you realize it’s all going in one direction, even if it’s down for a season? It’s all one big college thesis. Every challenge makes you better, every failure makes you stronger, every day makes you wiser. When you reach the pinnacle— you’ll know it was all being woven into the tapestry that got you in the right place at the right time. Don’t let haters and nay-sayers keep you from waking up every day thinking that you are not worthy of extraordinary things. Close your ears and get through your life’s thesis so you can just go ahead and graduate, already.