Syracuse, NY

"Being a United States Marine Corps Veteran, fitness has always been instilled as a way of life for me. When I left active duty after 8 years of service and 2 combat deployments, I had no idea what to do with myself. My wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and I needed to get a job that would help me support my family. Balancing life at home with a career I was unhappy in led me to putting my fitness on the shelf and gaining a lot of unnecessary weight. Finally about 2 years ago I decided it was time to make a change. I started getting back in to exercising as a distraction or an escape from the chaos and it reignited my passion for fitness. I decided to share my passion with as many people as I can and became a certified personal trainer and am working on multiple other certifications and specializations to go along with it. I’ve found a supplement company that I love which has helped my transformation from being 256 pounds to now 219 and in the best physical shape of my life. With my wife’s medical condition I’ve had to take a step back from my career as a trainer but that has not limited me from putting out content to hopefully inspire others to pick up some weights and start themselves on a journey to better themselves. Each day I walk in to my home fitness studio with the intent on working harder than I did the day before not only to become stronger, but to show others that you can do anything with a little bit of time and space and a few pieces of equipment."