Easton, PA

"All my life I had always been that extremely skinny kid that always got picked on and pushed around for being skinny. I played basketball in middle school- high school which gave me a lot of confidence until I started always getting cut or just pushed around in general because I was too skinny. In college I went through a hard time with handling my mental health and even planned on taking my life. In 2019, when I was in my junior year of college I stood 6’3 and 160 pounds soaking wet. I gave up on everything and stopped eating hoping I’d maybe starve. I took to drugs to handle my issues and that only made me skinnier and more depressed. Then after breaking down after writing my own suicide note, I went to see one of the school’s counselors and she had actually recommended weightlifting to help with my mental health and as a way to work on myself.

After that I never turned back and fell in love with weightlifting. Then people started telling me that I had some great genetics for bodybuilding and should try competing someday. So I trained since 2019 to compete in men’s physique someday and then this last May of 2021 I took 3rd overall in my first Men’s physique competition. Currently taking time off from the stage to work on growing to compete for my pro card."