Junction City, KS

"I started working out when I joined the Marines. It initially started as a means to get in better shape so I could perform better in my daily tasks. After I got out of the service, I became a first time parent and wasn’t able to utilize a gym like I was used to. I ended up putting on weight because of it. Fast forward a few years, I ended up going through a tough time personally and went down a dark road. When I finally got the help I needed, I decided to make my way back into the gym. It has since become my home away from home or happy place if you will. It has allowed me to get more in touch with myself on a whole different level than before. I am now more focused and less angry or distracted by what’s going on around me. It has caused my entire outlook on how I approach life to change for the better. I now strive to be a better version of me than I was the day before. Knowing that I gave it my max effort in not only my workouts, but also in my daily activities, I’m able walk away with my head held high and a smile on my face. Not to mention it helped me get out of my comfort zone. I had completely shut out the rest of the world. So getting back into a place like the gym and just seeing motivated individuals, I have been able to break free of that shell. I can honestly say as an introvert by nature, being able to interact and socialize with others around me was a major weight lifted off me."