Prince George, BC

"Well growing up I was always watching movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone so I'm sure that was a huge inspiration at the start. After graduating high school I started to pick up the sport of armwrestling and that constantly pushed me to be my best. I have met so many amazing people through the sport and than man who got me started was the legendary Vern Martel. He was such a huge inspiration as he is physically disabled and was able to win all the time. Seeing how hard he worked allowed me to push passed my boundaries and become my very best instead of making excuses why I didn't win. This allowed me to win 9 Canadian National Armwrestling Tiltles and 21 Provincial Titles as well as many other events and even become overall champion at many tournaments. That drive also made me quit drinking as I was seeing how much it was affecting me negatively. I always want to be my best and love inspiring others to be theirs. Dreams are meant for achieving not giving up on I have not achieved my dream of becoming a World Champion yet but I will never give up. I believe giving up on what matters most to us is giving up on ourselves we don't always get the dream but doing our best the achieve it should be a priority as we only get one chance. I have been training since around 2005 and don't plan on quitting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are just too great. Not everyone needs to be a competitor to be into fitness just being your very best and never giving up is such an amazing feeling that everyone can experience."