Skegness, Lincolnshire

"I started working out because I was very unhappy with my appearance and my self confidence was at a all time low and it got to the point where I was genuinely getting upset looking in the mirror. So I set a goal originally to go from 16.6st to 14st and during this process my confidence grew day by day and thought I’d try and compete at a local bodybuilding show and got down to 13.3st and lost just over 3 stone from my original weight now I can enjoy life more and finally feel comfortable and confident in my own skin and to inspire others and make them believe if I can do it so can they! So after competing in my bodybuilding show I managed to come 3rd in my classic physique class and 2nd in my men’s physique class and managed to get a invite to the British finals in October! This just shows that ANYONE can do it the only person stopping you from achieving your goals is yourself! Now I believe I have no limits to what I can achieve in anything i do! Wether it’s in business, training or just general mental health anything is possible if you want it bad enough! This journey hasn’t just changed my physique and mindset but has changed my whole outlook on life! Now I just want to inspire others so they can be comfortable in there own skin and be a lot happier mentally & physically."