Arena, WI

"I started working out on and off when I was about 20, I’m 23 now, my goal back then was just too put in a little bit of size because I weighed 150lbs for a numerous amount of years and I was honestly just tired of it. Feeling the same or drained or weak all the time. My motivation was myself, I didn’t have anybody to point me towards this path, help me get to where I’m at physically or even push me harder. I’ve spent the last few years trying to get more and more information about bodybuilding and I’m having really good progression, but of course, still A LOT to learn! I’ve always been an athlete, I played football for 4 years, basketball for 4.5 years, track a couple years, when I was younger, but I’ve always had really bad ankles and shins so sports eventually stopped motivating me. Plus, my social anxiety grew drastically for some reason as I got older and eventually I just stopped everything. Getting into fitness, being the way that I look right now, I can honestly say has helped me out so so much mentally and physically. Helped A LOT with my anxiety too! I want to make this a career now and do nothing but help people reach there fitness goals and to look the best they can. Next spring, Im signing up for a class to get my personal training license. Later down the line, once I put a bit more mass on, I want to start competing with the big dogs in bodybuilding competitions. My motivation behind fitness is everything, it’s life and I want it to be my life. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it! Nothing to special about me accept the fact that I’m extremely motivated to reaching my goals and being the best positive I can be. I just want to continue to help myself and everybody else around me!"