Charlotte, NC

"I have always been into fitness for as long as I can remember. I never played sports growing up, but always wanted to have a nice physique. Fast forward to 4 years ago, I was age 48. I had a glance at my body after coming out of the shower and didn't like what I was seeing. I was seeing an old looking body, I didn't want to ever see that again. As my mind was not ready to settle on the fact that I was too old to be in shape. I then began my fitness journey of lifting weights and learning nutrition. I used social media to learn from others and tried to connect with whom ever I could to learn how to change my body! So now at 52 I am still going and feeling better and stronger than I have ever felt! This is a life style for me and I hope that one day soon I will be prepared to step on stage and show off all my dedication and hard work! I have been very fortunate during my journey to be affiliated with some great companies in the fitness world from supplements to fashion! I love to share all the knowledge I have learned with others! I have also learned that the fitness community is a very special one! One that will always have me in it til death do us part! I plan on aging gracefully and living my best life for my husband, our 4 children and our 6 beautiful grandchildren! Discipline, hard work and patience is what has worked for me!"