Orlando, FL

"I decided to start working out back in 2007 as a Zumba instructor to stay in shape while in college. But in 2017 I hit a brick wall and was my highest weight of 250 pounds. That’s when I decided to make a change and started adjusting my diet and adding weights into my workout routine. Over the years I have completely reconfigured my body and within the last 4 weeks I finally competed in my first bodybuilding competition. I am currently 169 pounds. I went from a size 20 to a size 2. Now I enjoy sharing my story, helping others get to their goals and continuing to strive for greatness! Bodybuilding is now a major part of my life and the mental clarity it brings is unmatched. Being a veterinarian it can be taxing because we are number 1 for burnout and suicide rates and this gives me the outlet I need to have an amazing hobby and decompress!

My new goal is to continue to compete in the NPC as a wellness competitor. My ultimate goal would be to become pro because I am a go getter and I’m so competitive with myself! I am always looking for the next thing I can do to be the best version of myself!

I didn’t realize how many people I continued to inspire through my 8 month journey to the stage but receiving encouragement daily and messages showed me how much of an impact I had in the community!

So I will continue to post daily, post workouts, show the ups and downs but always give a positive outlook because bodybuilding is a privilege! We chose this lifestyle so there is no need to complain because you made this decision!

The hardest part of the journey to the stage was my relationship with food! It took almost 6 months for me to finally crack that part of me that was holding me back for so long. Once I learned my triggers and worked through them I have been unstoppable! Nutrition is the hardest part of this lifestyle! I’m not perfect but knowing your triggers and what makes you stressed and triggered keeps you from making those decisions!

I hope to continue to inspire more people, build within the community and continue to bring more comradery and togetherness! Yes we are competitors and others are competition! But we can definitely be friends first and continue to encourage and build each other up! It’s all love! We all work hard and the work it takes to do what we do is only understood by other bodybuilders!"