Belleville, IL

"As a child I was very sick and suffered with seizures and strong medication. This caused me to have a delay in my development physically and cognitively. I started becoming healthy my 8th grade year. I played ran track in high school although I had a small frame. I have always had a low percentage of body fat. My freshman year in college my roommate and I would always go to the student recreational center. I started to experiment with weights and realized that I found tranquility in focusing on my performance during exercises. Over years I ate whatever I wanted and lifted weights. I have maintained a muscular physique for a man approaching his 49th birthday Friday July 16, 2021
A month ago I went to my first bodybuilding and fitness competition in St Louis Missouri. I learned more that day than I have in 10 years about the sport and the culture of bodybuilding and fitness. I have met people who inspire me and answer many of my questions before I begin to ask them. I am thankful for social media, and I am not sure when or if I will be competing on stage someday. I do know that I visualize myself every day since the competition hearing my name being called winning my class in the novice."