Leesburg, VA

"I started working out when I was in middle school as a long-distance runner in track and cross country. I was always a natural runner but much to my dismay never had the coordination to play in team sports! In school, I got teased a lot for being too skinny and got called "flaca" all the time. As a Latin woman, my body type was never viewed as being the norm or attractive. I began to be super self-conscious of all the comments. So, when I left high school, I went to college and pursued a degree in Kinesiology. I became a personal trainer and learned all about bodybuilding and how we can create the physique we want with nutrition and exercise! I started lifting and cross-training and I saw growth in my legs and then I gained 15 pounds of lean muscle over the course of about 2 years and I gained so much confidence as a result. I finally felt comfortable in my skin. Then, there were always comments about my physique being "too much" and I realized, you will never make everyone happy! Your body is completely and uniquely yours! All bodies are beautiful and strong is sexy! As women, we need to aim to please ourselves and find beauty in how WE perceive our perfect body to be. Don't compare yourself to others, everyone is different and that is a thing to celebrate. Be unapologetically you, have whatever body you want, and walk with purpose. Training can be hard, staying consistent is hard, but all things worth having are hard! Be you, always because you are so worthy."