University Palace, WA

"I started my journey 6 years ago, after my husband got cancer. I noticed how poor in nutrients was, so I decided to change my habits and then I wanted to do my first competition to see how capable I was to put my body in an extreme situation. I won my first bikini competition and i decided to push harder to become the best version of myself. Bodybuilding is everything to me. I learned a lot about myself and how to handle hard moments and keep moving forward no matter if I do want to or not. I am a soldier who always is under pressure because my job, but I know how hard is when you do not have energy and you still need to get the workout in and cardio session, so i became strong person who does not give up easily. My future goal is qualify for the Olympia stage and Commission as an Officer of the Army and be the first bikini active duty in the Olympia stage. I am a person who always want to be better than i was yesterday. I love pushing myself to the limit because i know i am capable to be better and do better. I do not know how to stop. I am so active and I always am looking to keep myself busy. I love motived others throughout my experiences. I love enjoying my solo time, so I usually wake up, go to PT, come back home, go to the gym, eat, repeat."