Edinburgh, Scotland

From the age of 12-18 years old I went through anorexia, depression, social anxiety and body dysmorphia. I got bullied at school verbally and physically, I was starting to go through organ failure and my body rejecting food and at 5ft 9 weighed under 30kg at my worst. I would wake up eat nothing, go to school and put my lunch in the bin, I would chew no sugar chewing gum to trick my mind into thinking it was getting food, I would finish school and spend 1 hour at the gym a day and swim for 2 hours non stop a day and I would also drink energy juice to speed my metabolism and didn't eat for a very long time and I was threatened to get kicked out from school as I was "too far behind" I lost a lot of friendships, relationships, struggled with self harm and most losing my life and one day I just had enough and from then my mind switched, I started training, studying, passed all my grades, passed college told people my goals and told me to " be realistic and I won't achieve that especially with what I went through" I think people that tell you to be realistic are people that don't have dreams or visions big enough so because it's not possible for them they think it's not possible for you either so then I took up bodybuilding at age 20/21 seriously and now have a job working 12 hours a day I also own my own supplement company and I start online coaching in January. My goals is to be an open class professional bodybuilder one day, to be able to impact and make a change to people's lives and just spread my positive energy and really help people reach their goals. I'm an extremely driven person and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at everything I want to do in my life no matter what the cost. I want to prove to people and my future family/wife/partner and future kids that you don't need fancy grades to be a success and that if you have heart, a vision, a work ethic that never quits and you just put in the work and will go places mentally that most people won't that you can have any life you want to have. Your only limit is you.