Atlanta, GA

"I’ve always been an athlete to start off with, but here’s my story. Back on 8/24/2017, I came home from the lake and wasn’t feeling well and decided to take my blood pressure. It was sky high, and my face was flushed. I got on the scale and I was horrified to see 185 I then looked in the mirror and started to cry.

I decided to start changing my way of life. I was eating like crap and drinking every weekend with friends out on the lake. I knew that was the end of that, or else. It was on 12/04/2017 that I decided to get even more serious and made up my mind that I wanted to compete. In April of 2018 I did my first show ans hit my stage weight of 132. I also won the Golds Gym Challenge Nationally in 2018 for my age group over 50. Since then I’ve earned my pro card in July of 2019, I became certified as a personal trainer, and nutritionist as well. As of for now, I’m in the middle of prep to get stage ready to compete in open pro shows this summer. My journey will never end, even when I decide to stop competing one day. My advice to others, “ Never give up on your goals and your dreams “ ! It’s a journey and not a sprint, it’s what you make of it. I’m still living a healthy lifestyle, and will continue to!"