Athens, GA

"I am from Pakistan- my beloved homeland. I started working out in 2019 when I got rejected from a job because of being over-weight. I was a 96 kgs guy with much of fats around. I was given a time of 1 month to reduce the weight which I did in 15 days and brought it down to 85 kgs. All I believe in is consistency, grinding and hard work. I start from where most of the people give up. My workout routine at that moment - from the day of rejection from job was 40 min brisk walk, 15 min running and 2 hours of gym workout with adjusted nutrition (no meal skipping). Taking meals 5 times a day and adjusting my sleep-wake cycles really helped my efforts to reduce weight quickly and within a less period of time. Back in graduation I was a guy who used to be mocked by his classmates and friends for being fat. And now all those who used to mock me seek my training for gaining those pumped muscles. I am really very much thankful to Almighty Allah who bestowed me with such a will power and helped me by strengthening my wits. My personal quotation that I made on the day I got that job and reduced weight "Try your best to achieve that one thing what others say that you cannot and you never will. Be a fighter. Prove them wrong" really kept me motivated and now I am fitness trainer, Alhamdulillah. Now when I look back at that time I feel like I should have done this thing long time ago but we all know that "it's better to be late than never". All I want to say to the new gym starters is that try to know your body, master yourself, know about what and how much you want then adjust your routine eating habits and exercises. If anyone is interested in training with can reach me via DM on insta handle. Like and follow me my insta handle and on my Facebook page “Fitness motivation by Jazib”."