Fort Lauderdale, FL

"My name is Jeanette Rivera, My journey began 9 years ago, to call it a journey is an understatement, it's been more like an excursion!
An athletic young woman, thanks to my parents, I was in a softball league most of my teen years. I love Softball! Although, later on, I became a young mother at 19 years of age, my body changed entirely. I tried many different diet programs to include home workouts, except being a full time employee and having 3 children, I didn't have the drive to CREATE the time necessary to get in shape. In 2012 a friend introduced me to a nutrition supplement program that was phenomenal. I followed the instructions given and reached my goal. I lost 48lbs of baby weight I couldn't fight off for the life of me. This was a BREAKTHROUGH, I didn't stop here, although I lost 48lbs, I then had another goal and then the next...this is how it's been and always will be for me, I've decided. I feel AMAZING at my age of 45 years young. Never felt better EVER! Because of the impact in my life this has created, I share it with others. I encourage people constantly because I know from experience. It's so fulfilling to have people thanking me, this is the biggest reward ever. I have completely modified my life and anyone who comes around me in the BEST way possible. From my the top to the bottom and the inside out, mind, body and soul is very important to keep healthy. I am currently in the process of my CPT certification to continue my dreams of spreading love, health, prosperity and peace WorldWide."