Sanford, FL

"I’ve always like being in shape. I played multiple sports growing up and the competitive spirit has always been inside of me. Once I got older I started getting into personal training, bodybuilding, nutrition and rehabilitation and corrective exercises. I received certificates and education for all of those, but that itself did not quench the competitive athlete inside. So with me having a full time job, training athletes and a family, we decided it was the right time for me to do competitive bodybuilding!!!! I am currently employed as a police officer and a personal Trainer for my business H.E.R.O. Training. I have three lovely children 😂 and a awesome wife that is also my in home coach/life coach.
I also have a heart to help people reach their health goals. To me the personal trainer has to be the bridge between health care and physical therapy. There are plenty of people looking for help after physical therapy to develope there strength more so that they can play with their kids/grandkids, go back to the things they like to do in the gym, on the trail or in the arena. I want to be that person to help. I feel it is very important for athletes, coaches, personal trainers to continue to get more knowledge in other aspects of their craft so that when the time comes to help others we will be considered more than just the titles mentioned above and become apart of the healthcare solution this world needs. God Bless."