Avon, IN

"As an eight grader I excelled at football. I was invited to work out with the high school football team starting in 8th grade. Although I was young, I wanted to compete with the fastest and strongest athletes on the team. I ended up breaking multiple school records and still hold state records and went on to play in College. Fitness to me is more than a choice, it is a lifestyle, it is therapy, it is an opportunity to hold yourself to a higher standard. I thrive on commitment and dedication. Nothing brings a more visible and satisfactory sense of accomplishment than personal fitness. You can see the results every day. I am now a father of two young girls attempting to set a standard of living a healthy and active lifestyle for them to adhere to. I am living the example instead of talking about it. Leaders lead by action. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. I am 38 years old and in better shape than most guys in their twenties. Everywhere I go I get compliments and am constantly asked how I maintain this level of fitness at my age. I love to help others and encourage them as well as teach them how to properly eat and lift. If I see someone struggling at the gym, someone who looks like they’re new to it or just getting started, I will take my headphones off and walk over and offer assistance free of charge to help encourage them. Fitness brings a level of confidence to your entire being. Fitness inspires others to do the same. I refuse to be a sheep or a victim. I am a lion and lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep. I will work hard, every day and continue to improve myself in hopes of inspiring those around me to do the same."