Georgetown, KY

"I'm a fitness instructor and a busy mom of 4. I started exercising in high school doing things like dance fitness and step aerobics.

I was always self conscious of my curves in high school and wanted to be a stick like some of the other girls. As I've grown older and a littles wiser (just a little), I've learned the importance of embracing and loving the body God blessed me with, and exercising to take care of my body and to feel good rather than to conform to the world's view of what you should or shouldn't look like. 

I never did much strength training until I started doing Jillian Michaels workouts, which incorporated both strength training and cardio. Now I use that combo all the time when teaching my fitness classes!

I'm thankful to have established a routine of exercise because it has really helped me through each of my pregnancies. That being said, my fitness is nowhere near being perfect. It is still a STRUGGLE keeping a regular workout schedule. I decided recently to start a fitness instagram page where I could post workouts, fun dance videos, etc. But as my feed was flooded with other people's fitness pages, it was easy to fall into thinking, "Oh my gosh, they make it look so easy! Is fitness all they do 24-7???" Well, I've come to learn that, at least for me, that's a false perception. Also, "comparison is the thief of joy!" So I hope with my fitness page/ classes, I can inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to exercise for the sake of feeling energized, healthy, and happy!"