Woodbridge, VA

"I’ve been working out since I was 12 on and off and because of the inconsistency of my workouts I’ve never really achieved what I wanted , until 3 years ago when kept to a regular schedule.

Prior to that I would get into phases where I would workout for at least 7 months then slack off, only to pick up again several months later . I’ve learned that the more you see results, the more you will be driven. I’ve also switched into an aesthetics type of routine, looking to shape my body like a sculptor creates statues.

I love trying out exercises and routines for a couple of weeks and seeing how the muscles react and develop.. it takes a lot of trail and error in experimenting different routines and what you always see in magazines and articles might work for some but not alll. It comes down to Your goals. Building size and definition doesn’t happen instantaneously. For those while claim they can put on 20+ pounds of muscle per year I guarantee the majority of
the gains is not lean muscle.

I’ve also learned that once you have a food solid foundation , there should be no more need to build any more size. The muscle is already there and by shredding and reducing
excess water and fat you will start to see the developed muscles underneath.

I used to always wonder how long it took those vascular and defined gymrats you see all the time to achieve that level and the answer was always upwards of 3 or 4 years. Once I stopped taking layoffs due to lack of focus and motivation and just kept going and going (3 years for me) I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the goals I always dreamed of achieving were possible.

Working out for me is not a phase or cycle and not seasonal. It’s a lifestyle. Why train to be be beach ready when you can be beach ready the entire year."