Hillsboro, TX

"Well it happened so fast an before I even realized it I was a staggering 418lbs. I travel for a living rebuilding an retro fitting hydro electric generators for power plants, so I have had way more than my fair share of living out a hotel. So fast food had become a daily food source for me. So my wife an I move back to Denver from hillsboro Texas to run my grandmother's restaurant due to her getting sick. So now for 2 ½ years we work side by side running a business (eating fried food all day) things seemed they would never turn around. One day after work we ordered a boxing fight an invited friends an family over. We cooked everything got everything ready an right as we were done, I looked to my wife an said "I'm not watching the fights imma go downstairs an workout" she looked at me an said "workout.... okay you go for it" an I changed clothes got my headphones an marched downstairs an started on the bicycle. That 5 miles didn't seem like it was ever gonna end, but I pushed through an did a full body workout. 2+ hours later I came back upstairs covered in sweat an missed all the fights but u was proud of myself. The first year I lost around 80-90 lbs, I got to the point where I would ride 10-15 miles every morning before I went to work an when I got off. I was officially hooked on the results I was getting, I couldn't be stopped. Moved cross country to Nashville an it took a few weeks to sign up with a gym, but planet fitness was like 2 blocks from my house so I joined. I worked hard for the next 6-7 months an couldn"t seem to drop any weight at all. I was so angry with myself I would force myself not to eat all day an hit the gym 2x a day. I started to see a difference but I could definitely feel a difference in my body I had to stop this is crazy I thought. So around 9 months into getting to Nashville I got a call for a 4 year job in Ludington Michigan. I moved up an in no time at all 7 months Flys by an I haven't even seen the inside of a gym. Finally a memory pops up an reminds me last year on this day I was in the gym happy smiling an eating cleaner. So I instantly go get on the scale an like nothing I am 40lbs heavier than I was when we left Nashville. So determined to overcome this I have pushed an pushed no matter what, from being on a job 6 months in Alaska an 9 months in Gunnison Colorado. Today I weigh in at 260lbs, I wake up everyday at 3am an hit the gym. I lift heavy everyday an run a 5k every morning. I started saying I was going to do a 5k everyday for 90 days. I'm 40 days in today an it"s going amazing. I am eating mostly clean but I never miss a day in the gym an I try to help as many people as possible with any questions or help with meal ideas. Ultimately I want to oneday enter into a bodybuilding competition and open my own gym. Working out an living a healthier lifestyle is definitely something I never want to put on the back burner again. This year I also plan on running a few marathons, whichever part of the country I'm in I will continue to push myself to the limit to achieve my goals I have set."