Green Bay, WI

I have had a a few revelations. I originally started back in 2015 to help with my PTSD, I spun up and down on that. In 2018 I used it to cope with my ongoing divorce and depression. Recently after overcoming a neck injury, I am using fitness to find my strength again. I suffer from severe PTSD from my time in the military. It is a way to build confidence that I can overcome anything. It has helped me make strides in therapy and at home. While I am still a major work in progress, my goal is really to show that a Dad bod can become a god bod or a better bod from any point. I was 289 Lbs at my absolute peak of depression. My best since my return home has been 217, I continue to strive to be better each and every day.

I work for Victoria Secret at a Security Architect during the day. I also have five children, Sadie (8), Lexi (4 , 5 next week), Ethan (3 and autistic), and six month old twins Callen and Corbin. Two dog Drax and Diesel and an incredibly beautiful and supportive spouse in Jillian. Life revolves around them for me but also getting better physically so I can do absolutely everything with my kids. My career outside of fitness has been a blessing, fitness however is a passion. I enjoy dedicating time and donating to the gym I go to as well. That's a bit about me.