Indian Wells, CA

"I moved to California in 2001 because I married. I born in Monterrey, Mexico. In 90’s I start working out with my personal training, I was skinny not too much muscle but I build 20 pounds just muscle still thin but strong . I was spinning instructor in a gym and then I meet my husband, he was living in California, a year after we married and I started competitions in mountain bike, triathlons, marathons but in 2016 I fell in the skateboard and I broke my left wrist so no more triathlons, just gym to train my legs and I decided to do bodybuilding bikini fitness and I just love this sport, I won 7 times the overall and I got my pro card in my 3rd National show in Pittsburgh, Pensilvania ! When you believe in yourself you can reach any goal at any age💪🏻❤️"