Amherst, OH

"I’ve been an athlete since I was young, but really got back in to working out in my early 20s. I started cleaning up my diet and went and got my first gym membership and began looking up workouts from Bodybuilding.com. I began small by fixing my bad habits and making healthier choices. About 6 months in to my fitness journey I had hit the small goals I made for myself and was at a point where I was asking myself “What’s next?!” This is when I had experienced my first Arnold Classic back in 2012 and that’s when it hit me, between the beautifully sculpted physiques, shiny suits, and distinct smell of ProTan, I was hooked and knew my next goal was stepping on stage.

Over the last few years I’ve prepped for multiple shows, taken my body to extremes but have also fell off the wagon and almost lost myself battling through my depression and anxiety. Over time fitness has become a huge component in managing not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. I’ve learned in order to push yourself physically, you have to also be able to push yourself mentally and that your mind will give up before your body ever will. Fitness helped teach me how to train my brain to work for me and not against me! I noticed that a lot of what I was applying to my mentality in the gym (positive self talk, telling myself “you’ve got this next rep,” etc.) could be applied outside of the gym in everyday life too!"