Atlanta, GA

"Fitness has become my daily dose of therapy. I found the gym when I was in a dark place in my life. I didn't have a strong self worth, my confidence was nonexistent and my purpose was unknown. When I discovered weight lifting, not only did my physical strength improve, my mental strength did as well.

Growing up, the gym was a place I didn't feel I belonged. I had a fear of looking weak and failing in front of others. I never pushed myself because being vulnerable was not an option.

In college, I was too busy trying to follow the path others wanted for me to realize my passion for fitness. I knew I wanted to help others better themselves but at the time the only visible option was undergraduate school to graduate school to a 9-5 career. Once I let go of the path others had visioned for me and let go of the worry of what they would think, I fell in love with the gym and I became a full time self-employed personal trainer (with a BS in Exercise Science). 

Challenging my body and mind through weight lifting has build me up to be the woman I am today. Strong, confident and full of purpose. I now choice to be vulnerable every day when I walk up to the squat rack, or into a business meeting or in a conversation with a stranger or a friend. And through my career I have the amazing opportunity to help others find their passion for fitness that I am grateful to have found in my own life."