Houston, TX

"I was very athletic in junior high and high school. I had compete in track, football, basketball and powerlifting. But after graduating, staying in shape wasn’t my priority like most people. I got really out of shape and almost depressed about my physical condition before I decided to take my life back. I went from age 19 to 27 without working out and taking things seriously.

Those were some prime years that I can’t get back. Life is to short, to not take each step with extreme caution and good health. Around the age of 27 I started back hitting the gym with my main goal to loose weight, I was weighing about 230lbs at 5’11 mostly fat no muscles or strength. With me being such a competitor my goals changed focused to powerlifting. I have won many best lifter awards in a wide range of meets around Texas and the Houston area. Over the past 10 years of not taking my physical condition serious I’ve increased my bench from around 250lbs to 375lbs, squat from 405lbs to 550lbs, deadlift from 450lbs to 620lbs plus.

I’ve always been drug free and I plan on staying that way. Pushing myself to my limit has showed me a lot about life. The most important thing it has showed me is that it’s you who holds yourself back. You only get one shot at life that’s it, once you learn to hate regrets you will start to accomplish more than you can ever imagine with your mind, body and soul."