Cary, NC

"I started lifting weights when I was 13 and very into sports. I would hit the gym every other day with my three brothers and my father. When I turned 16, I would wake up and lift almost every morning before school! I became a trainer in my 20's and somewhere in my early 30's in the throes of motherhood and marriage I forgot how important strength training was for me. I struggled with postpartum depression and could barely make it through each day. I restricted my food, I overdid my cardio! I was a mess!

Rediscovering my passion for lifting has turned my life around! Mind, Body and Soul! The person I am today is 3-4 years of progressive habit changes and one ups… It did not happen overnight and there are no magic shortcuts! I am still a work in progress and excited about what tomorrow brings!

I believe that all women should lift weights! I want to take the fear and intimidation out of weight lifting for women and help them realize that strong is beautiful!! I am a nutrition coach and personal trainer for my own business Cleverfit. I teach a live virtual bootcamp every morning at 6:15 am ET. I am here to teach anyone who wants to learn and my bootcamp is a great place to start! A healthy mindset and a strong body are a great combination for success and these are both things that I help my clients with on a daily basis. Let's stop stressing about what we need to lose and start dreaming about what we can build!"