Grand Prairie, TX

"I've always been a runner. I started running summer track at age 12. Ran track in Jr high and cross country in high school. The thing was, I didn't take it seriously and I did not dedicate myself to running. It wasn't until I was 22 that I started running seriously and started working out in gyms. I would do body weight stuff(pull ups, push ups, etc) along with some machines. I always wanted to be balanced runner and not look like a skinny minny. I had decent results in the 5k, sub 17min and sub 37min 10k. Nothing special, but I did very well in my age group and every once in a while a top 3 overall. I ran competitive road races until my early 40's. Then I discovered OCR(Obstacle course racing). My first ever OCR was called Hell run. Well, I won it. It pumped my ego up and I decided to run a Spartan race. Well, it kicked my ass. It demoralized me, but did not break me. After that, I focused only on OCR training and I fell in love with OCR.

I have never been a top athlete/runner. I am though fearless in training and competing.

OCR has given me my fair share of injuries/surgeries. Both of my heels have had bone spurs which actually cut into my Achilles tendon. I had surgeries to repair both 3 yrs apart. Each one took almost a full year to recover from. I've also had two hernias repaired, torn meniscus repaired. I even had an abdominal muscle pull. After each surgery/set back, I've came back 100% and super motivated to prove to myself I still got "it"

As I've gotten older, my focus/motivation is to be the best functional fitness athlete that I can be. I want to compete in fitness events like Hyrox, Deka fit, and stadium races

I just turned 50yrs old this past January. My motivation is at an all time high to be the fittest 50yr I can be.
As I've gotten older, being physically fit as possible, has given me opportunities to enjoy life more and have fun with my beautiful wife and our two sweet little dogs.

I see being 50 as my story is only half written. I know the second half of my life has just begun and my story isn't finished yet."