Corvallis, OR

"When I began weightlifting, I sought to look better by other people's standards. As a beginner in the gym, I consumed hours upon hours of content regarding nutrition and exercise science, which I employed as soon as possible by dieting down.

As I lost weight, I noticed more muscle definition and even striations. It was my idea that this was the correct way to look better, but it was far from the truth. Standing at 6ft tall, I dropped to my lowest of 153lbs at 7% body fat. My health took a great hit: I was lethargic, had no motivation, was incredibly intolerant, too antisocial, weak, no sex drive, etc.

My family helped me noticed my situation and from then and there, my life changed. As I started eating more, I began to accrue more muscle mass and getting stronger. Months and months of gaining weight restored my health, my friends, my hobbies, and my family. Now, I'm sitting at 220lbs at 18% body fat, but feel healthier and stronger than ever. Every week I'm able to hit personal records in the gym and make friends with tons of individuals around the different places I travel to who aspire the same things. Never trading looks for health again.

Now, I'm considering participating in bodybuilding competitions and sticking with weightlifting and proper dieting phases for the rest of my life. As I just changed majors to Kinesiology, I hope to teach others what I had to learn the hard way, and allowing them to fulfill their dreams of looking better or being healthier.