Grootebroek, The Netherlands

"My name is Manon Kuin, I am 20 years old and I live in a small town in the Netherlands.

When and why you started bodybuilding (or any kind of workout)?
I started doing HIIT workouts at home in May 2018, I started with a bodyweight of 75 kilo, I was overweighted. At this point I hated sports! In April 2019 I was on my lowest weight, this was 47 kilo. In May 2019 I started lifting weights. I started to like sports

How it's affecting your life in a positive way? Before I started lifting, I was afraid to gain, I was scared that I would be fat again. I didn’t dare to eat unhealthy foods. But then I found out about weight lifting and gaining in muscle. This was a eye opener for me. Every time I go to the gym I feel stronger, this is really a magical feeling. And I started to eat more food.

I also learned about the 20/80 rule. “Fun foods” fits in every diet if 80% are healthy foods, you can play around with the other 20%.

Now I train for like 2 years and I still get stronger every day. I try to learn about myself every day and I like to motivate people by showing how I do this.

Now I help people to learn more about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle by coaching, PT and shearing recipes.

By helping people I hope they are building a healthy lifestyle and don’t get afraid of food or gaining the weight back."