Nairobi, Kenya

"I started working out in 2013 when I was in campus but about 5 years before that in high school , was in the school field hockey and athletics team...let's just say I've always loved sport. After high school I was inactive until 2013. I started doing weight training from then to 2016 when I graduated. After 2016 , didn't workout until 2018 when I decided to start working out from home via YouTube using my own body weight . Right around 2020 I discovered calisthenics through Chris Heria , thenx , saturno movement and yoga through Boho Beautiful Life and decided to incorporate it in my workout routine . Its been a really fruitful journey for me as this has helped me discover what my own body is capable of. I'm still a beginner but amazed everyday at the cool things I end up managing to do after practice. This has also been helping me deal with issues like anxiety , self esteem , self love and self confidence as I struggle with that due to stuff I went through growing up that carried on to my adult. I'm still a work in progress but happy with where I am at the moment. Training using my bodyweight at home has been also very convenient as I'm a full time auditor and also in school doing accounting hence it saves on time and at the same time the gains are MASSIVE. My advice to guys out there who say they can't workout due to lack of access to a gym...that's just an excuse as your own body is an equipment in itself. Try it out , put in the work and be consistent...With consistency and hard work , You will be amazed by what is waiting ahead …possibilities are endless!! You will realize that NO GYM means NO PROBLEM. As for me , at 31 years old , I'm not where I want to be but happy with where I am at the moment and wouldn't want to go back where I was esp. mentally. I'm enjoying my journey so much , the gains are just an added advantage. It's a journey , not a destination! Keep safe all and stay on the grind. Lots of love!"