Hastings, MN

""I started working out once I got recovered from my eating disorder. before my eating disorder, I was involved in basketball and dance. being so competitive, I wanted to be defined as " perfect." I started focusing on my body and do endless cardio and not eat. those things caused me to get an eating disorder that I suffered with for about three years. once I got recovered, I didn't want to go back to my old sports that I did. so I decided to hit the gym and lift weights. I started learning about how to do certain lifts and workouts and I just feel in love with it. I now have been three years recovered from my eating disorder. I love food and I am not over training anymore ( I will always be skinny because that's my genetics) I now have a passion to inspire and help others in their fitness and health goals. I love helping others with exercises and helping them over come negative body images or bad thoughts about themselves and talk them through the positive ways to heal. I want to let girls know that recovery is possible and it's okay to eat and not have the perfect body. I am not a sophomore in college now and I am going to school for psychology and I am a CPT, helping over 50 people of all ages and genders finding love in their body no matter what shape they are. That's a little bit about me!"