Porterville, CA

"Having been ill my whole life with an autoimmune disease, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus & a clotting disorder, I was sick & tired of being sick & tired so one day in 2014 I decided to make working out part of my daily routine for the next 30 days. The results were astonishing! I felt so much better physically and mentally, plus I actually likes myself more! That 30 days turned into years and I was very proud of myself & my accomplishments. I began to walk tall, my energy was overflowing, I loved kickboxing, I loved eating well, and life was fabulous! Unfortunately, 2020 hit. I work in healthcare & became sick. In the long term this gave me some new illnesses to deal with, so I now have 2 types of seizures that require 7 pills daily in addition to all of my old meds. I was exhausted and the new meds caused a 16 lb weight gain that I have yet to be able to gain back. I was thin to begin with and couldn’t afford any weight loss, but I never gave up. Sure, I am starting at the beginning and lifting light, but I show up daily and I can hike 8 miles with 2,000 feet of elevation gain now! I know I will one day be back where I was. Never give up! My life, and yours, are to precious to waste in front of a TV! Fitness has allowed me to go to Peru this year-a lifelong dream, and continue to hike, my favorite hobby!"