LukeƄ, Sweden

"I've been working out my whole life it feels. Born and raised on cross country skies in the northern part of Sweden I've paved a way for a mentality of training hard that sticks to me to this day. Today I'm not really searching for results but merely the sensation during and after a good work out. Training has become my therapy and my way of adding balance to a stressful mind. After having gone through some back surgeries where I've had come back several times and even learned to walk properly again have I made my mind made up to add as much variation as possible into my training. I am a runner, but a runner who see the clear worth of putting my hours in at the gym as well to improve my base physic. Variation in your training is something I frequently preach to others and I love getting the opportunity to coach other people as well. By coaching others you also coach yourself and putting action to your theories.

Right now and throughout the winter I will probably spend more time training in the gym then normal. I still have a long way before I reach my goals with my base strength. Going from training strict to gradually increase weights. Always being mindful to how my body reacts and cautious that I don't injure myself again.

A physical injury also injures you mentally in a way and after I ran straight into the wall and ended up in a dark depression after my last surgery I've used training as my best therapy on getting on track again. Thankful that I had the background I did to try and pick up where I left off. So what does working out mean to me? Well I look at it from a holistic perspective and all the positive benefits it brings. How it fuels my batteries with energy on a daily basis since through variation I can work out every day."