Micky Mckay 

Corby, UK

"I started training with weights at age 14 to help with my boxing and football career. I then progressed to bodybuilding. I competed in a few local shows at ages 20.

I then played football for 15 years making a comeback at bodybuilding aged 42. I went on to win the ukbff British Bodybuilding title at 45!! Competing twice in Mr Universe

I had a knee replacement at 52, and went on to compete at 55 winning three shows and ended up 5th in Mr Universe in Budapest!!

I am now recovering from an allograft (torn pec) but still striving at age 58 to be as good as I possibly can- helping my clients in my personal training business www.Fitness121.co.uk

Training has always been my passion and always will be, my mindset is to train daily Monday-Friday and week-ends off to rest. I still have the same desire as I did from a young age although my many injuries form various sports have made things more difficult of late.

I now train people 30-40 hours a week form young to old, male to female. I love getting people fitter and into shape. I help with their training , their diets and cardio.

I also do online preps for shows helping people achieve their own particular personal goals. I get as muck pleasure out of this as I do training myself.

I also like to read a lot - books on training , nutrition and just how the human body works in general still to this day fascinated me.

Thankyou for listening to my story and I’m not ready to finish my training journey just yet .....💪🏽"