Enschede, The Netherlands

"I was not happy with my body and had to much weight. When I starting losing my overweight by just watching ig fitness clips and learning from it, my confidence getting stronger and I'm feeling a lot better. My healt is better, my back hurt is almost completely gone and I got a new hobby and it's also an healthy hobby. Now I'm liking to make my own stories in ig and post them just to inspire other people and geting feedback from people of course. I got my own fitness in my backyard and feeling blessed that I have the possibility to work out whenever I want to. I am now almost 36 and in better shape then like 10 years ago and I stil going to continue with it beacause I think its important to know what you eat and what you do whit your body so good food and exercise makes life a whole lot easier and healthier so its all positive changes you will make and your confidence and the look on life so much better and stronger beacause you have a clear mind and with a clear mind you see things that you have never seen it in that kind of a way. I think that we all have the strength to get people inspired to make a difference in their lives which sometimes is easier than they would believe in the first place. Some of my friends have also make that change and also feeling allot better so it's not impossible."