Homewood, CA

I am a 70 year old IFBB Pro figure competitor, artist and a certified personal trainer of over 12 years! My goals with personal training are to keep my clients healthy and strong enough to enjoy life!

My journey in bodybuilding started in 1980 when there was only one category for women bodybuilders… “bodybuilding”. During that time my boyfriend (a former NFL player) and I decided to get married. He was my coach and my greatest supporter! I competed for 4 years and completed 7 contests including- the Pacific USA, Southern Cal, and Superbowl Championships.
The sport was really changing and I was ready to start a family so I retired in 1984.

I have always been a goal oriented athlete so being a runner my whole life I began to enter races. I ultimately did 28 marathons and many shorter races as well. I never thought that I would stop running or racing, however with all the mileage on my aging body it took it’s toll.

In 2016 I was talking to one of my running buddies who had crossed over from running ultras to competing in women’s (Physique) bodybuilding and she said “Missy you could totally do this again!” I went ahead and entered my first contest! I hired a coach and started this new journey in Physique. I eventually changed coaches and began working with my current coaches @coachmattallen and @wendyfortino. They encouraged me to crossover to Figure. Good decision! I have now competed in 10 shows since 2016. I placed 1st in the 65+ at the @legionssportsfest last November (2021). I am 6 weeks out from competing in the women's 50+ IFBB Pro figure Emerald Cup in Washington.

My goals with this sport vary from show to show as I feel very confident in the 60+ age group, but I also compete in the open division and I just feel like it is fun to compete with the Olympians!!

 hope that I can continue to inspire older women and seniors to “never say never” and keep moving!!

I feel very blessed to have been motivated to stay active and fit, it has enabled me to do things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do!!