Victoria, BC

"I was an athletic kid, a competitive downhill ski racer, soccer player & went to the gym regularly. In my late teens/early 20s extremely low self-esteem & self-worth led me into a cycle of fitness & diet obsession. I would run for 2 hours a day and eat almost nothing. I wasn't exercising because I loved it, I was doing it because I hated my body & wanted so badly for it to fit in with the images that our society viewed as beautiful, I wanted to be thin so badly! This was an incredibly unhealthy cycle & I look back at those years now and I can see how lost & confused that young woman was and it makes me feel really sad.

Fast forward a few years, I've now been a Registered Massage Therapist for 16 years & my work in that field has taught me so much about the human body & the incredible systems within it. With this knowledge, I started to view fitness in a completely new way, a much healthier & realistic way.

My love of Pilates started by taking classes myself for many years & then 6 years ago I became a Certified Stott Pilates instructor & the rest is really history. Teaching Pilates is definitely where I'm the happiest & where I shine the brightest. Pilates is such a well rounded form of exercise & it's truly a privilege to see people showing up for their health & fitness in a well rounded, healthy way. I feel so lucky to have found the Pilates method. The mind-body connection in a Pilates practice is so versatile & can be transferred to literally any other form of exercise, from competitive sports, to weight lifting, yoga, rehabilitation from injury, really any form of movement can benefit from Pilates principles & I love that about it.

I taught live "in person" classes in my studio for the past 5 years but when Covid hit, like the rest of the world, I had to "Pivot" and take my classes online. I'm now teaching 3 classes per week on Zoom & once I found my rhythm with online teaching I feel like I've adapted really well to online business. I still teach Pilates Privates in person (and on Zoom)

Another passion of mine is in coaching busy people & "Newbies" to fitness in creating healthy fitness habits so that they can truly feel the benefits of REGULAR fitness in their lives. I have designed several 8 week "Return to Fitness" program. Through these programs I coach people physically with Pilates on the mat weekly, as well as coaching them in building regular fitness habits that fit easily into their individual lifestyle. My promise is that at the end of the 8 weeks, they can move safely & confidently forward into whatever type of movement they enjoy!

My goal as a coach is to get the client to a place where fitness feels like a regular part of their lifestyle, not something they are struggling to squeeze in to their lifestyle! I love this job so much & am inspired by my clients every single day. I truly feel like I found my real calling when I found Pilates & I'm so grateful for that."